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The Muwen Tang Collection Series Vol. 3
Bilingual in English and Chinese, hardcover, cloth, 320 pages, 142 colour plates, Hong Kong, 2004.
ISBN: 978-988-97206-4-3

by Simon Kwan

An innovative look at the primitive art of ancient China. Over 140 pieces of Chinese Neolithic pots, cups, toys, musical instruments, figurines, etc. from the Muwen Tang Collection are included. Covering the majority of important Chinese Neolithic cultures. It is probably one of the most comprehensive studies on the subject of Chinese Neolithic pottery published in the world so far.

Sample pieces:

Red pottery bowl

Neolithic Period
Yangshao Culture: Banbo type
Painted pottery jar with
swirling lines design
Neolithic Period
Majiayao Culture: Majiayao type
Yellow pottery jag in the
shape of a dog
Neolithic Period
Dawenkou Culture
Pottery zoomorphic jug

Neolithic Period
Shandong Longshan Culture
Yellow pottery bird-shaped
jar with three legs
Neolithic Period
Qijia Culture
Yellow pottery boot-shaped jar

Neolithic Period
Qijia Culture
Painted black pottery cup-
shape vessel with four legs
Bronze age
Xiajiadian Culture
White pottery jug

Bronze age
Erlitou Culture (Xia dynasty)

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