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The Muwen Tang Collection Series Vol. 10
280 pages, all text bilingual in English and Chinese, over 100 illustrations, all plates in colour, hardcover, cloth. Hong Kong, 2011.
ISBN: 978-988-19940-0-4

by Simon Kwan


Chinese Sculptures is a neglected area in Chinese Art. Very few Chinese scholars had written on the subject in ancient time. This volume provides an introductory survey over the theory and practice of the Chinese sculptures from the Neolithic period up to the Qing dynasty. 109 objects made of wood, jade, clay, stone, etc. are included in this catalogue, most of them were never published before.


Sample pieces:

Standing grey pottery attendant
Western Han (206 BCE-25 CE)

Half statue of stone Bodhisattva
Northern Qi (550-577 CE)
Painted pottery standing woman
Tang (618-907 CE)
Painted pottery figure of a foreign groom
Tang (618-907 CE)
Sancai pottery horse
Tang (618-907 CE)
Painted pottery foreigner on camel
Tang (618-907 CE)
Wooden statue of Bodhisattva
Liao (907-1125 CE)
Grey pottery attendant holding a plate
Yuan (1271-1368 CE)


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