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Bilingual in English and Chinese, hardcover, cloth, 272 pages, over 300 illustrations. Hong Kong, 2004.
ISBN: 988-97206-0-4

by ZHAO Feng

An in-depth study on the subject written by one of the most authoritative scholars in this field. Liao (916-1125) textiles, which was not known just a few decades ago, is now regarded by many experts and collectors as one of most interesting and refined productions in the history of Chinese textiles. Almost every piece of important Liao textile discovered in Chinese archaeology and in private and public collections in the World are being illustrated and examined by the author, with particular attentions paid to design motifs, textile technology, costume conventions, tailoring methods and cultural context etc.

This book will no doubt be regarded as a milestone in the scholarship on Chinese textiles and costumes” - James C. Y Watt, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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